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The Grand Canyon - Dictionary





Footeisms and their rough translations essential for a successful Bob Foote Grand Canyon trip.



Left – Could mean left, could mean right.  Watch his hands.  If no hands visible, pray it isn’t backwards.

Right -  See above definition of left.


Shade Hike -  You will be in full hot sun about half of the time.

Mostly Dry Hike – Your feet will get wet.

Little Bit of a Wet Hike – Wading up the waist is likely.

Wet Hike – Bring flippers and a snorkel.  Wear your PFD.

Not Much of a Scramble – You must be part mountain goat.  Get out the ropes.

Short Hike – A ten minute hike straight up.

Long Hike – A forced march with full pack and lots of water.


Take your time  - Get going, the boat is leaving right away.

We’ll be in camp early  - Dinner will be after dark.

It’s a short day  - We will be setting up camp after dark.

Tomorrow's a layover day - means we are all so whipped we can't stand.  Instead, we're going to spend the day beating *other* muscle groups into submission.

Tomorrow's a late start - means we'll be leaving the beach 15 minutes *after* official sunrise rather than 15 minutes *before*, as normal.


A Riffle – 2 foot standing waves.

A Gravel Bar – Gravel is 3-4 foot in diameter. Could be called bolders

Flat Water-  Riffles and Gravel Bars by the above definitions.

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