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Tips and Techniques


Tap into Bob's wealth of paddling knowledge with his Tips & Techniques. Tips with the camera icon have photographic illustrations. 

Tips with the icon include video clips in both Windows Media and QuickTime formats. Click on the appropriate link to download a player if you don't have one installed. The Windows Media clips tend to be a bit smaller and will download faster.

New The Stern Pry - A step-by-step guide to help you master your stern pry Camera Video

Front Surfing Part.4 (
One Stroke Drill ) - The fourth tip in the surfing series. Camera

Front Surfing Part.3 ( Timing of the Stern Draw ) - The third tip in the surfing series.

Front Surfing Part.2 (Stationary corrections)
- The second tip in the surfing series.

Front Surfing Part.1 (Getting on the wave) - The first tip in the surfing series. 

The Prodigy - An interview with Bob on the design of his latest boat.

Develop Your Balance - Try these off-season exercises.

Using the Water - Save strokes & energy—let the water work for you.

To Run or Not to Run - "Should I run this rapid or not?"    

Improve Your Side Surfing - Key points on technique and safety.  

Fiddle Widdle - Control your position on the eddy line.   

Loosen Your Grip - Suffering from tendonitis? Here are some ideas for relief.   

The Stern Draw - How to master this important correction stroke.  

The Forward Stroke - Pointers for a new and improved power stroke.  

Running Big Water - How to tackle the big stuff.   

The Golden Principals - Excerpts of Bob's classic teaching tips. 

The Phantom - Bob talks about the design of this hot boat.

Linkage - The paddler's power tool.   

Don't Lose Control - Tired of fighting the river? Keep your paddle in the water!

Staying Put - The evolution of thigh strap systems.

Cross Forward - The pro's and con's of using this stroke in an open canoe.

Roll up & Stay up - Common mistakes in the open canoe roll.

The Classic Eddy Turn - New thinking on an old move.

Stretching - Avoid injuries with these simple stretches. 

Canoeing: The Essence of Life - Bob's philosophy on paddling & Life. 


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