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Sea Kayak Course Info - ACA Costal IDW Sample Schedule


Karen Knight
615 Venice
Sugar Land , TX 77478
Bob Foote
615 Venice
Sugar Land , TX 77478





(This schedule is subject to change to maximize safety, logistics & teaching conditions).


ACA Instructor Trainers – Karen Knight & Bob Foote

DAY 1:

8:30 am Welcome and Introductions

  • Participant and instructor expectations, goals and objectives of course
  • Registration requirements, fees due, Instructor’s Manual, liability waivers, etc.
  • Review workshop schedule
  • Certification requirements reviewed: Proficiency in technical knowledge, paddling skills, teaching skills, safety and professionalism.


Overview of the ACA


Instructor Trainer Presentations
  • Learning and Teaching Theory
  • Effective Presentation Strategies
  • Evaluations and Feedback Techniques (purpose, types and how to give)


Dryland Presentations by Candidates (5 min): (Ongoing throughout the IDW)
  • PFD’s ___________________________________________
  • Kayak Nomenclature _______________________________
  • Foot Brace Adjustment/Spray Skirt ____________________
  • Dryland Wet Exit __________________________________
  • The Parts of the Paddle/Holding It ___________________
  • Launching and Landing ____________________________
  • Carrying a Kayak _________________________________

12:00 pm Lunch (Bring a bag lunch and plenty to drink. The lunch break will be a working lunch, so make it simple & quick. Use this time to prepare your kayak for the afternoon session).


1:00 pm IT Presentation – Concepts of Paddling (Boat, Paddle, Body)


Wet Exits, Safety and Boat Control


IT Presentation - Current ACA Paddling Techniques - Introduction to Kayaking

  • Forward Stroke (Touring)
  • Reverse Stroke (for Stopping)
  • Forward and Reverse Sweeps
  • Draw
  • Stern Draw
  • Stern Rudder


IT Presentation –Current ACA Paddling Techniques - Basic & Advanced Coastal (stroke work continued)

Videotape Candidates Strokes & Review Videotape (Critical Eye, Feedback & Evaluation Techniques)

6:00 pm Dinner

Evening Assignment: Review ACA outlines and finalize preparation for assigned topics.



(This schedule is subject to change to maximize safety, logistics & teaching conditions).

DAY 2:


8:30 am IT Presentation – Continue Current ACA Paddling Techniques for Basic & Open

Water Kayaking

  • Power Forward Stroke
  • Reverse Stroke
  • J Lean/Hip Snap Development
  • High and Low Brace (Static vs. Dynamic)
  • Low Brace Turn Underway
  • Bow rudder
  • Sideslips
  • Sculling Draw
  • Sculling Brace


Stroke Teaching Drills

Instructor Candidates Stroke Teaching, Assessment & Correction

12:00 pm Lunch (Bring a bag lunch and plenty to drink. The lunch break will be a working lunch, so make it simple and quick).


Team Teaching Presentations

  • Feathered vs Non-Feathered Paddles
  • Rudders, Skegs and Nothing


1:00 pm IT Presentations – Capsize Recovery Theory and Practice
  • T Rescue (w/wo stirrups)
  • TX Rescue
  • Solo Paddle Float Re-entry (w/wo stirrups)
  • Reenter and Pump
  • Bow/Stern & Paddle Shaft Rescue
  • Scoop
  • Hand of God
  • All–in
  • Towing
  • Rolling


4:00 pm IT Presentation – Navigation Part 1

Candidate’s 15 - Minute Presentations

Dinner (Group dinner that is quick and easy)

9:00 pmAdjourn




Day 3 :

8:30 am Candidate’s 15 - Minute Presentations Will Occur Throughout the Day.

Open Water Paddle

Typical leadership roles include group management while navigating from one spot to another, directing rescues, responding to unexpected scenarios and dealing with short crossings where boat traffic is present.

Lunch (Bring a lunch and plenty to drink to pack in your kayak)

Team Teaching Presentations

  • Towing Systems
  • Teathered vs Non-Teathered

4:30 Wrap–up

  • Critique of the Day and Overall Workshop/Course Evaluations
  • Individual Conferences
  • Assign Instructor Certification Exam topics (as needed)


Done by 7:00 pm

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