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Instructional Offerings - Suggested Reading



The following resources are suggested as a way for you to expand your knowledge on a variety of subjects relating to coastal kayaking. As an ACA Coastal Kayaking Instructor Candidate, you should be familiar with a majority of these books, videos and periodicals. This is just a partial listing and no doubt there are many other fine resources available.


  • Atlantic Coastal Kayaker
  • Sea Kayaker

General Text:

  • The Complete Book of Sea Kayaking by Derek Hutchinson
  • The Essential Sea Kayaker by David Seidman
  • The Complete Sea Kayaker’s Handbook by Shelley Johnson (**Highly Recommend)
  • Sea Kayaking: A Manual for Long Distance Touring by John Dowd


  • Sea Kayaker’s Deep Trouble by Matt Broze&George Gronseth
  • Sea Kayaking Safety & Rescue by John Lull
  • Sea Kayak Rescue by Roger Schumann & Jan Shriner


  • Sea Kayak Navigation by Franco Ferrero
  • Fundamental of Kayak Navigation by David Burch
  • The Complete Sailor by David Seidman
  • A Sea Kayaker’s Navigation Primer by Ray Killen


  • Waves and Beaches by Willard Bascom


  • Performance Sea Kayaking by Kent Ford (
  • In the Surf! Performance Surf Kayaking by Kent Ford (
  • The Kayak Roll by Kent Ford (
  • The Art Of Paddling (Volume 1 & 2) by H2Outfitters (
  • The Brent Reitz Forward Stroke Video (
  • USK Capsize Recoveries & Rescue Procedures (
  • Nigel Foster’s Sea Kayaking Series (
  • The Kayak Forward Stroke by Greg Barton, Oscar Chalupsky(

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