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Instructional Offerings - Letter to Interested Candidate

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Dear Instructor Candidate:


Thank you for your interest in the upcoming American Canoe Association’s Instructor Development Workshop (IDW) and/or Instructor Certification Exam (ICE) in canoeing. Whether your desire is to become an instructor and share love of canoeing or you’re an experienced paddler looking to refine your skills, the ACA Instructor Workshop is a valuable training opportunity.

There are several levels and types of instructor certification offered. We recommend that you review the following documents on our website to help you better understand the nature and expectations of the ACA Instructor Workshops.

  • ACA Canoe IDW ICE Description
  • ACA Canoe Proficiency Requirements
  • ACA Canoe IDW or ICE Sample Schedule

In addition, we recommend that you go to the ACA website at and look up the following under the “Instruction/Instructor Resources Section”:

Instructor Responsibilities · Policy Manual · Insurance Guidelines · Waivers · Registration and Report Forms · Interpersonal Skills Document · What Does it Take to be an ACA Instructor? · Appropriate Course Outlines (up to the level of desired certification). Also look in the ACA section and review “About the ACA.”


Workshop Fee

The cost of an Instructor Workshop is $100 per day. For example if you were to attend a three day Instructor Development Workshop for Whitewater (solo and tandem) Canoeing, the cost of the IDW would be $300. This fee does not include your ACA membership dues. ACA membership is required prior to or at the start of the course. You can sign up online at


There’s an optional course notebook that will be available on the first day of the workshop. For those who are interested in purchasing this excellent resource, the cost is $20.


How to Register

Many of our Instructor Development Workshops and Instructor Certification Exams are sponsored by paddling stores, clubs, camps, private individuals, etc. To sign up for one of our Instructor Workshops with them, please contact the sponsor of the IDW/ICE and they will tell you how to register.


For those Instructor Workshops we run on our own, you need to do the following to register:

  • Fill out the ACA Canoe IDW ICE Registration Form” and email it back to us.
  • A $100 deposit is also necessary to register for the course. You can click on PayPal to find out how to send a deposit.

(Because we are on the road 8 months out of the year, it is a challenge to receive our mail in a timely manner. Because of that we would prefer deposits for the Instructor classes done via PayPal. Please contact us if that is not feasible and we will try to work out an alternative).


Registration is on a first-come basis. When payment and registration are received you will be sent confirmation and additional course material via-email (or snail mail if you have no email).


Cancellation and Refund Policy

As mentioned above, many of our ACA Instructor classes are sponsored by paddling shops, clubs and individuals. If you need to cancel your participation in the course after registering please notify the host for that class immediately. Each of our course sponsors has their own cancellation policy and you will need to deal directly with them in regards to a refund, etc.


For those Instructor Workshops we run independently, we ask you, the Instructor Candidate, to contact us as soon as possible if you need to cancel participation in the course after registering. You will receive a full refund minus a $20 administrative fee if you give us more than a 30 day notice. If you cancel 14 to 30 days prior to the ICE we will refund two-thirds the cost of the workshop. Any cancellations less than 14 days prior to the class will not be refunded.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information. This time of the year we are on the road teaching kayaking and canoeing and guiding trips. We appreciate your patience in our sometimes delayed correspondence.




Karen Knight & Bob Foote

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