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Instructional Offerings - Dry Land or Indoor Clinics

Indoor Courses and Lectures

Yoga for Paddlers: You don't have to stand on your head or sit like a pretzel to enjoy the benefits of practicing yoga. Yoga, which means the union of the body, mind and spirit, is a wonderful tool for everybody, especially paddlers.  In this introductory workshop, Karen will lead students through warm-ups, postures (asanas) and breathing techniques (pranayama) that are beneficial to paddling. If practiced regularly, Yoga can enhance body awareness, strength, flexibility, balance, posture and grace. In addition, the breathing exercises will work to help calm the mind and improve concentration.  All of which, will help to improve your paddling - so that you can be one with the water, go with the flow and remain calm even when the water is anything but .

Balance Drills for Boaters: Through a combination of dry land drills and on water demos, students will be exposed to exercises, techniques and drills designed to enhance balance on the mildest to wildest of waters. We will explore the importance of posture and dynamic alignment and how it affects paddling technique and balance.

Introduction to Navigation: There’s an old Maine saying – “You can’t get there from here.” In this course you will learn that you can get there from here, but it may take some prior planning and knowledge of navigating in a coastal environment. In this class we will cover what most sea kayakers need to know and are most likely to use to help them navigate: reading a chart, how to use a compass, route selection, setting a course, rules of the road, wind, weather and tides and their effects, and more.

Trip Planning and Leadership: Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance and Paddling Problems. In this class we will take a look at factors that affect the safety and success of your trip: Group Dynamics, environmental factors, route selection, field practices, emergency planning, rescues, trip planning, equipment, etc. The goal of this course is to heighten your judgment and skills in an aquatic environment.

How to Teach: “There is no such thing as a poor student, only a poor instructor.” Teaching is a learned art form. Come and learn how to help people comprehend and retain what you are trying to teach. This course is designed for those who volunteer or instruct part time and are not professional teachers. Improve your delivery and results. Time: 2 hours. Requirements: Classroom and white board.

Leadership: “Learning is leadership.” Take the initiative—learn more about what it takes to be an effective leader. Through discussion, role-playing, initiatives, and a variety of activities we’ll explore group dynamics, roles and responsibilities of leaders, and risk management. Time: 2 to 8 hours depending upon the needs of the group. Requirements: Classroom and white board. For a full-day course, access to an outdoor area is desired.

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