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Instructional Offerings - What is Freestyle Canoeing


Some people refer to this form of flat water canoeing as “the art and science of quiet water paddling,” while others liken it to figure skating on water or Tai Chi with a canoe. Done in a solo or tandem canoe, this graceful and meditative form of paddling emphasizes fine boat control and paddle precision. In addition, freestyle helps to enhance body awareness, coordination and balance, thus allowing you to be one with your boat and the water. These advanced canoeing techniques may be applicable on quiet water or whitewater, destination or non-destination paddling. A small number of freestyle canoeists, like Karen, find pleasure paddling their boats to music, thus making freestyle an interpretive, expressive experience. In essence freestyle will add performance and fun to any paddling adventure. For more information on freestyle canoeing and Karen Knight click on
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