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Instructional Offerings - Instructor Update


To maintain ACA certification, Instructors need to do the following every four years:

1. Teach two classes at their highest level of certification and report them to the ACA office.

2. Annually pay membership dues to the ACA and Safety, Education and Instruction Council (SEIC).

3. Attend an Instructor Update in their highest level of certification. Attending or assisting in an Instructor Development Workshop at the highest level of certification also can count as an update.


The ACA Instructor Updates for Sea Kayaking is a 2 day clinic designed to provide instructors with a forum for continuing education, as well as to keep them current with what is happening within the ACA’s Safety, Education and Instruction Council (SEIC).

Karen offers Instructor Updates in sea kayaking at the following levels: (1.) Introduction to Kayak, (2.) Essentials to Touring Kayak, (3.) Coastal Kayak – Basic. (4.) Costal Kayak - Open Water

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