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Instructional Offerings - ACA Instructor Training For Touring and Freestlye Canoe

The American Canoe Association (ACA) is the oldest and largest organization devoted to paddlesports and paddling instruction in the U.S. The ACA has standardized several open canoe courses for tandem and solo paddlers and a system of workshops called IDW and ICE for Instructor Development and Certification in these same disciplines.

Karen offers Instructor Development Workshops (IDW) and Instructor Certification Exams (ICE) in tandem and solo canoeing at the following levels: (1.) Introduction to Canoe, (2.) Essentials to Touring Canoe, (3.) Freestyle Canoe

ACA Instructor Development Workshop [IDW] for Canoeing: A 2-3 day course to teach potential instructors what they need to teach, how to teach it and how to demonstrate professionally in any or all of the above standard courses. The IDW is a prerequisite for the Instructor Certification Exam and is designed to help prepare participants for the ICE. Experienced paddlers who do not desire certification are welcome to take advantage of this valuable training opportunity. During the course students will become acquainted with the ACA model and the teaching techniques, paddling skills, technical knowledge and rescue and safety competencies necessary for successful completion of the Instructor Certification Exam. We will focus on fine-tuning each candidate’s paddling, rescue, group management and teaching skills, as well as expanding their knowledge in various aspects of canoeing. This process should provide students with a benchmark from which to evaluate their level of competency and identify those areas where they need work before attending the ICE

ACA Instructor Certification Exam [ICE] for Canoeing: Generally a 1-2 day course/exam, the ICE primarily serves as an opportunity to evaluate the Instructor Candidate for certification. Certification is available tandem and solo in (1.) Introduction to Canoe, (2.) Essentials of Canoe Touring, (3.) Freestyle Canoeing. Candidates should be proficient in all skills on the appropriate ACA course outlines before attending the ICE. Throughout the certification process, candidates will be instructed and evaluated on their paddling skills, teaching ability, professionalism, safety/technical rescue skills and depth of knowledge of canoeing. Participation in this course does not guarantee certification. To Find out the proficiency requirements for certification in Introduction to Canoe, Essentials of Touring Canoe and Freestyle click here.

If you are interested in ACA certification in River Canoe click here for Bob Foote’s Instructor Classes.

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